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Live! Funky House Rockin' Blues!

Although deeply rooted in the blues, our band draws it's water from many genres of the american musical well. Including blues, rock & roll, r&b, country, jazz, funk, fusion, and soul.

When I'm asked "what do you call that style of music your playing?" I simply reply, "A fine hybrid!"

However, how you view yourself, and how the public sees you is usually two different things altogether. The best you can hope for is that you and your music connects with someone on some level.

I just feel truly blessed to have had so many great experiences and to be surrounded by such great musicians and great people!
- Mark Stinger

About The Mark Stinger Band

The Mark Stinger Band has been around in one form or another since the mid 1980’s. It may have gone by other names (ie. Stinger, Mark Stinger & the Swarm, or Mark Stinger & the Pit Bull Orchestra), but the message and the music have remained the same.
Playing foot tapping, funky blues and spreading the appreciation of blues music has been the mission of the band since it’s inception. Mark has fronted some of the most entertaining and popular bands to ever play the tri-state area. His bands have played most of the top clubs around town, as well as numerous appearances on Channels 3(NBC/CBS), 6(ABC), 10(CBS/NBC) and 29(FOX). The band has also enjoyed radio air play on WXPN on DJ Jonny Meister’s Blues Show, WRTI by DJ’s Niles Frantz and Tom Cullen and Burlington County College by DJ Roger Beckwith. They have played at a wide array of venues, including the 3rd Annual River Blues Festival in Philadelphia, the 1st Super Cooper Blues Review at the Cooper River Park in Pennsauken, the 3rd Annual Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Festival, the Komen “Race for the Cure” yearly in Philadelphia, the “Triple Crown” Philadelphia International Bicycle Race in Manyaunk 2007, Fort Dix for a troops fundraiser, the 32nd and 39th Annual Old Newsboys’ Day for the Variety Club, the Variety Club Telethon in 1987, the Philadelphia Avenue of the Arts Festival of Lights in 2007, and a month long tour of Canada with a week-long engagement at the NATO Air Force base in Goose Bay, Labrador. The Mark Stinger Band has been fortunate enough to have graced the stage with some blues’ hottest legends, including B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Elvin Bishop, Ruth Brown and Gatemouth Brown to name a few. They have opened for such acts as Delbert Mc Clinton, Charles Brown, The Hooters, Savoy Brown, Satan & Adam, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Larry Mc Cray and James Harmon. Mark Stinger is an accomplished Blues-Rocker, Band Leader, Front-man, Singer, Entertainer, Drummer/Percussionist, Actor and Songwriter. He has been affiliated with the Philadelphia Area music scene, especially the blues scene, since the mid 80’s. He has fronted numerous bands, including Stinger, a Blues Brothers tribute band which garnered much press and acclaim. Chuck Darrow of the Courier Post has called Mark “a pioneer of the South Jersey Blues Scene.” Mark has a gritty and authentic blues voice combined with an energetic stage presence that keeps the crowd and the band on their toes. He was also a co-owner/operator of Hard Hat Studios with Fran Smith Jr. of The Hooters. In the late 90’s, they recorded the likes of Joe Piscopo, Chuck Darrow, and Lenah Quigly among others. Mark is of the belief that a blues band needn’t play just standard 12 bar blues,“There’s a lot of variety within the blues.” Mark has brought together a talented and diverse group of musicians in order to obtain a sound that is all together unique as well as appealing. Frank Green is a soul/rhythm and blues based keyboard player who began singing with his family at a young age. He's co-directed Seasonial Church Choirs, training vocals at family functions, church affairs and socials. He did a live recording with the Sons of Calvary out of Philadelphia Pa. He founded the all male group Realize in 1988, and thus led him to the formation of Rhythm Storm, a R&B style male vocal group. He has been a long time member of the Mark Stinger Band, providing a soulful tie to their music. Steve K has been playing bass since he was 13, and has never looked back. He has an extensive list of bands and performers that he has played with over the years. He currently works with Suzette Dorsey "Simply The Best" (tirbute to Tina Turner), The Dave Marshall Mojo Band, Eddie Lambets's "Axis", and occasionally with Rhythm Storm, A.J. Slick's "Soul to Soul" and Shattered (tribute to the Stones). He has a definite funky feel and adds to a unique rhythm section. Dreem is an extremely well versed drummer whose background encompases almost every genre of music. He has been affiliated with Mark Stinger for many years playing also with rock bands, hard rock/metal bands, jam bands, R&B bands and blues bands. He is one of the best vocalist drummers in the area, offering extreme flexibilty as well as excellent harmonies not seen with many bands. Dreem can also be seen with Jailbreak and Tagg (an original rock band). Dreem's versatility allows the Mark Stinger Band a wide array of songs to choose from and freedom in writing new material. Bryan Schoell, the newest member of the band is a blues/rock based guitarrist who has been playing in the local scene for over 10 years now. He plays mainly blues and classic rock, but at one time was a part of the cover band scene playing top covers as well as classic favorites. He has played primarily in rock accoustic duos, but has spent time in Big Bad Wolf (on bass), Stunned in Awe (both a cover band and original hard rock band), and most recently in the blues based duo The Smokin' K.B.'s. He is currently working with young guitar phenom, Dave "Fred" Catling. This current line-up has just finished their debut CD (Still Cookin') at Sand and Sun Productions in Southern NJ, and mastered by David Ivory. They are awaiting the final touches before jumping out on a torrid playing schedule to promote the CD. The Mark Stinger Band is ready to help you get your mojo risin' and keep your foot tappin' all night long. So come and check us out in the near future, you won't be disappointed.

The Mark Stinger Band

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